airman1122 (airman1122) wrote in romancebklvrs,

Moon Awakening

Okay this was a paranormal romance set in the Middle Ages in Scotland about how part of the more regal Scots had werewolves in them.  Man I'm getting so sick and tired of these not so good trying to make money because paranormal romance is becoming the biggest thing in Romance sales since Danielle Steele.  This one was okay.  I didn't realize it was in the middle of series the author Lucy Monroe is writing otherwise I might not of picked it up.  I did like it, just wasn't thrilled with it.  It didn't keep me interested at all.  I am going to see if her others are better, but I'm getting sick of all these stupid paranormal ones.  I want a stupid typical Regency love story and those are getting hard to come by because now even vampires are showing up in those.

Okay I'm ranting but I'm the only who post here so guess what.  I can.

Any way check it out, you may like it.
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