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A Thief in a Kilt

My husband is just awesome.  He will go to the library and get me books.  And he knows me so well he brought me some books with Scotsmen in them.  He's the best.

Okay this one I read today before the migraine became so bad.

A Thief in a Kilt
is by Sandy Blair.  I read on by her before called Rogue in a Kilt and it was good.  This one was nice too.  It took place in Scotland during the 1400's, not my favorite time because at one point they are kissing and I could think about was how she was dirty two pages before because of her escape and how her hair was in tangles and now the hero was brushing his hands through her silky hair.    So now I'm thinking "How did she find time to get a brush and brush her hair when escaping through the wilds of Scotland?"  Which was followed by "And if her legs hurt so bad because she had ridden hard all day how can she want sex?  I've ridden before and if you aren't used to it, like I was, there is no way in heck I'd be letting some guy touch me like this?"

Besides that it was good.  I know I should not think so hard when I read sometimes but honestly, if I think of these things, surely others will too.

What I liked best is the heroine, Kate Templeton, was not your typical heroine.  She tall, bigger then normal and curvy. Yay for breaking the mold.  One good part of the book is when she stood up and towered over a slightly bad guy, not the main bad guy, and yell at him and he trembled because of it.  It was great.

Another good point but at the end of the book I couldn't stand it but mostly it was due to the headache is there is a lot of historical facts in this story.  I scimmed over it but will go back now that I'm feeling slightly better and get more of the history part down. 

I would rate this book a solid 4 out of 5.

One part is one side character mentioned she was from America and that mad me curious because in 1411 America hadn't discovered yet so now to research the first book Sandy Blair wrote and see if this side character was the main character in that one.  So now research time.
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