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One totally awesome book and one awefully bad book

First the good book

When Seducing A Spy by Sari Robins is about our heroine Lady Tess Golding who by chance happens to spy for the Crown.  Our intrepid hero, Heath Bartlett, is a lawyer whose soon to be mother in law wants him to investigate Lady Golding for a crime.  Without giving much away to insinuate himself into her life, he makes a bed with his friend.  The bet, to see if they could join an exclusive woman's club.  To top it off they even allow the women of the society to know about the bet.  Genius.

Now on to Tess and Heath, as they bungle through their affair and fall in love.  It's funny how they are each suspecious of each other.  Her because of her spying and him because he doesn't want her to be guilty of the crime she has been acused of.  Even some side characters look like they may fall in love themselves, which is always nice.  I love when everybody is happy.

Unlike the other book, ugh I never should have bought it much less read it.  This bad book is called Claiming the Courtesan by Anna Campbell.  I hate saying this but possibly the worst love story every written.  I mean really I could have cared less if either character lived or died.

The hero is a duke and I usually love them, not this one.  He asks his mistress to marry him mainly to bug his family but she says no then leaves in the dead of night.  Their year arrangement was over and she wanted to give up her lifeof shame and become respectable again.  Only he can't believe she would leaves him, calls her all sorts of names and tries to find her.  Three month later he finds her, kidnaps her, and then forces himself on her until she say yes.  So to me that is basically raped in my world, she says no, anything after that is not with her consent and therefore is rape.  Basically he made her want it and that did not turn me on at all, off actually.

Basically he brakes her to his will then she falls in love with him.  WHAT!?!  A case of Munchhusen if I ever saw one.  And each spends time mopping over their life, how bad it is.  Man I wanted to smack them both.  I don't even know when I had less fun reading a book.  I may take it back and get my money back.

Total waste of time and money.

In the end when they get together I was like, yay book over, time to throw it away in the fire.  I don't think I will read this author again.  She's new and I can't believe it got publish.  Wow it was awful.  Ugh I can't describe it.

I use books to escape and because they are fun, give me a nice tingle sometimes, other times gives me ideas and that makes my husband happy, not to feel so depressed.  I don't need a book to make me feel that way.  I read books for pleasure not pain.  (which is why i didn't finish reading my book for book club way to depressing again for me.)

So my advice DON'T READ THIS BOOK EVER!  The first one yes, read it, it's good.
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