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Just random thoughts about romance books

Who writes the blurbs on the back covers on romance novels?  I'd really like to know.  Why?  Because some do a totally awesome job, others really should be strung up by their toes and forced to watch the Teletubies.  (mmm did I even spell that right?)

I just read an awesome book called Until the Knight Comes (0kay very bad immagry there but come on, I've had a pain fill day and the would come, well let's just say my mind is fully in the gutter and doesn't want to surface.) by Sue-Ellen Welfonder.  Any way the back blurb was okay, the story awesome, will review it here later.  Yet my favorite part of the story wasn't even mentioned on the back. 

Did they do that on purpose or did the person who writes them didn't think it was important?

At least they had the names of the characters right.  Once I read a book and the heroine's name was incorrect?  Huh?  Oh well. 

Oh and 23 days till At World's End is out.  w00t!
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