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Two New Books

The first one is Highland Savage by Hannah Howell.  I've been going through this medieval Scottish phase it seems.  I was reading a whole bunch by Sue-Ellen Wolfander, is her name I believe, nope is Welfonder.  So to continue it I read the above book.

She writes about a whole clan called the Murrays.  Mmm, not sure about that spelling either.  I've read quite a few of hers before and she is really good.  I like how she doesn't make the times seem so glamorous, because it wasn't.  I like how her characters, the hero's again, are battle scared and such.  This one I spent most of the book wondering about the title.  He is a Highlander, mmmmm Highlander, mmmm should put in some Duncan, okay side track, back on track Miss Erin, but where did the Savage part come in.  T

he hero, crap the book is on it's way back to the library via the husband, hold on, let me get his name, okay thanks to Amazon it's Sir Lucas Murray and he was beat up and left for dead by the woman he loved.  So now a year has gone by and he has come back to take vengance, wha ha ha hahah!  Only he learns the woman who is responsible for it is dead, or is she?

So anyway he spends the whole book being nice and trying to get the bad guys who are really responsible for his beating and yes our heroine because really, would our heroine really be responsible for our hero's beat down.  So anyway it isn't until the last few pages that our heroine, the lovely resourceful Katerina Haldane calls him a savage.  Me frowning.  How can she call him that when he is really nice?  Oh well, I guess the author can call her book anything she wants.

So this book, I'd give it a 8/10.

Book two is entitled The Duke's Indiscretion by Adele Ashworth.  Am miffed because after I purchased this book realized it's the third in a series.  Ugh, I hate that.  This one is good, not great because once again I really didn't see much of and indiscretion as much as going after and getting what he wants.

What our Duke wants is an opera singer.  Only she isn't really one, well she is by night, by day is the mild manner sister of an Earl, Lady Charlotte Hughes who just happens to be in love with our Duke, Colin Ramsey, the Duke of Newark, no not NJ either, he he he.  Yes I'm in a strange mood, okay.

So she gets him to marry her, he gets what he wants, or does he? Then they spend the rest of the book really getting to know each other, find out her is out to steal something from her and fall in love.

Like I said it was okay.  I really wanted an indiscretion here, oh wait, perhaps the indiscretion isn't her, but what he does on the side for the crown, mmm naw too boring there.

So this book gets a 6/10 because I'd sell it instead of adding it to my collection.
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I've not read either of those books but I went to Waldenbooks today and saw one of Hannah Howell's books, I'd only noticed it because I had glanced over it and thought Heather Lowell had a new book out. Just an odd coicendence.
Heh, nice. You should check her out but start with the first one and go from there. You don't need to read them in order but it does help out a bit.