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The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever by Julia Quinn

Another amazing book by Julia Quinn, and how I adore her books.  Before I start reviewing this book I just want to say my two favorite of hers are Splendid and The Viscount Who Loved Me.  I love both the heroes in these books, sigh, some really romantic guys, okay Anthony did kick Kate in The Viscount Who Loved Me, but it was a good scene
Now onto this book, with a few spoilers, not much so read at your own risk!

I have been waiting for it since her last one, On the Way to the Wedding, the last of her famous Bridgerton siblings/series.  And Julia Quinn did not disappoint me.  I wasn't sure how she was going to have a romance right after the hero's wife dies without scandalizing the other characters in the book, but Julia Quinn does a wonderful job of pacing the book without letting the story drag.

So here how it goes, Miss Miranda Cheever falls in love at age ten to our hero Nigel Bevelstoke, who I think she may have mentioned in previous books, I'm gonna ask her about that because it is bothering me and I can't figure it out, who they rename, well call him by his title, Viscount Turner.  Then the story goes forward ten years to the funeral of Turner's wife where our two fated lovers meet again.  And during the midnight hours they share their first kiss which I like because it wasn't love, it was revenge and Miranda figures that out, and lets Turner know how she feels about them.

Then in the midst of her London season which she is sharing with Turner's sister and her best friend Olivia, Turner realizes just how different Miranda is from the rest of the crowd and especially from his deceased wife, who shall we say was not a good person.  Then things happen, a sort of repeat of Turner's first marriage, and he must marry Miranda but he tells her he needs to thing about things, he never thought he would marry and so he leaves.

Then Miranda realizes they must marry but when Turner doesn't show up, she leaves, her heart breaking, to her grandparents in Scotland where she waits and waits for Turner.  And when he does show up, rather late, she turns him down.  This is when I really liked Miranda, because I get sick of "Oh yes I'll marry you, I don't care if you left me and I had to fend for myself, I love you so yes, let's marry at once," type of heroines.  I want one that is mad and says no.  You go girl!

So does Miranda marry Turner, does he get over his dead wife's treachery and do they live happily ever after?  I know and if you want to know get the book.

You won't be disappointed, not from a Julia Quinn book, never!

A solid 11 out of 10, a must reread!
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