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Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry by Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Okay she redeemed herself here.  Here last book in the Dark Hunter Series, The Other Side of the Moon I didn't like so much.  I didn't care for the characters so when I heard about this book I was skeptic.  I loved her Dream Hunter book, I felt for the characters and wanted them to win.  In Dark Side of the Moon I was like okay yeah that was a bit disappointed.  I thought perhaps she had lost her touch

In Devil May Cry the man heroine is Kat, I for a long time wanted Kat to be Ash's heroine but I found out now that would be icky.  She can't be because she is Ash's daughter, HOLY CRAP do you know what that means!  HOLY CRAP!    I was not expecting that, was not expecting that.  This is why Sherrilyn Kenyon is back on awesome status.

Kat's hero is Sin a Sumerian god of Fertility, he he, keep that in mind.  Together they must get past what each did to each other in the past, who her mother is, and help defeat the bad guys and stop the end of the world coming, sigh you'd think she'd be sick and tired of that conflict.

Anyway after deciding who the real bad guy is and it's not Artemis, they begin to trust each other and with a help of a few other characters they begin their epic, okay not epic battle to not really defeat the bad guy but do manage to save the end of the world.

I actually cared for the characters, you learn a lot about Ash and Artemis and their relationship and now Ash has a daughter and I hope she keeps us informed on that front in later books because I do believe Kat is about to make the pair grandparents.

Yeah lots of spoilers, hence the cut.

My only problem with the book is and she may clear this up, is she does not end the conflict with the bad guys.  Yeah they save Las Vegas, but I wanted them to get the bad guy like she has done in other books.  Instead she brings back another bad guy and now these two bad guys hook up and thus the story continues and she does end the book on a high note but still.  I would have liked to see bad guys dead and the hero and heroine live happily ever after. 

My only reason she did this is to keep the climax going from book to book but she didn't end the conflict in Dark Side of the Moon either which was a depressing book in its own way.  So I'm wondering if she has a reason behind this and I hope she does because I really want happy endings and end of conflicts.

Overall I'm gonna rate this one a solid 8 out of 10 only because I'd like to see endings and hope they come soon.
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Ack. NO. NO.

Can't read. Eyes will burn.

So yeah, I'm only on page 62 and I *HAVE NOT* read the last couple pages as is the way I normally do things.

I won't be back/read this until I'm done but I would like to discuss once I am. Give me a couple days.

I forgot the book came out until yesterday but I bought it on my break and started it then but life has interferred so that's why I'm not further along.

Uh, yeah, I'm not sure why I'm babbling.
It's all good as long as you didn't read my spoilers and if you did, Hey I marked it as spoilers.

And I can't wait to discuss this book because I liked it so much.
Yeah, I saw the word spoilers that's why I didn't read it. I just wanted you to know that I'll be here when I'm done. :-)
Good because I really talked about a huge spoiler so please post after you read it.
Unfortunately, I had a suspicion that Kat was Ash's daughter. There used to be a yahoo group of Dark Hunter spoiler's and this one woman was wicked good in figuring these things out. She's the one that kept saying that Alexion was really Ias and the thing about Kat.

The only thing I can hope is that Artemis isn't Ash's heroine. I swear I'd stop reading after that. That relationship between those two is so screwed up but if an author can redeem a character after that- then it's a sign of a great writer. So even though I'm whining about it now - if she is, I would have to read it to see how she could change Artemis.
I don't want Artemis to be Ash's hero, I'd never pick up her books again.
I hope you're the one I'm thinking of but I'm jumping on your bandwagon and hoping his heroine is Tori.

I know his book is supposed to be released in 2008, have you heard a month for it yet?
I want it to be Tori to because I read somewhere that his heroine would be introduced in Dream Hunter and she is the only one I could think of.

I heard early 2008, does that help?
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I had forgotten that Devil May Cry by Sherrilyn Kenyon was released on Tuesday and it took me until Thursday to remember so I bought it (and something really strange happened to me while I was walking to the mall in the process - Mom thinks these people were going to mug me but maybe I knew them and couldn't place them, who knows?).

I finished it that night and while I kinda figured out what was going to happen; I just couldn't get into it. I'm a fiend for spoilers so I'm always looking online for them. That's why if the synopsis for All Through the Night by Suzanne Brockmann is correct, I am dying to to read Force of Nature. And to make things better, I didn't read the ending for once because most of my coworkers was telling me it was "wrong" so I refrained and it didn't help.

It annoyed me. A good book to me, even when it has some crazy plot points, is one that keeps me reading it even if I don't like what happens. With DMC, I was staring at the clock, listening to a ballgame, and losing track of where I was on the page.

Really, I don't even have a reason why I didn't like it (except I didn't like Dark Side of the Moon either) but it's the same elusive thing that has made me dislike Nora Roberts stuff over the last couple years.
Yeah the same thing some authors have, I call it "write for money" or they just have lost the touch but their name sells so they write and it's crap which is where I think Sherrilyn Kenyon is going if she isn't careful.
Even though I've liked some of her smaller stories because they're more centered on the couples themselves than this huge world she's creating like in the novels, the last full one I've liked by her was Seize the Night.

"Write for money" is defintely an apt phrase; I didn't have a word for it.