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A very Scotish Weekend

Okay let me start out with the best one.

Thirty Nights with a Highland Husband by Melissa Mayhue.  I got this one because a) it has a Scotsman in it and b) it involves time travel.  I really liked this book because the heroine, Caitlyn Coryell is a weak woman at the beginning, letting her icky fiance walk all over her, so the last straw is when he tell her it is her fault for his cheating.  I love how she gets back at, she puts on sexy underwear and gets drunk on Scotch.  It is then that our hero Duncan MacKiernan arrives pleading for her help to save his sister.

Throw in some Fae magic and this is a great story.  Especially when Cate realizes that she is the one to control her destiny and puts the plan into action to save her highland husband, his family and to defeat Connor's evil uncle and brother to live happily ever after.

I was quite sad when the story ended and now I need to go check out this author and see if she has anymore and if she will continue the story through Cate's brothers and Connor's sister.  I really hope so.

Another reason I bought this book besides the fact it had a Scotsman in it is because it reminded me of one of my favorite authors, well she needs to get her act together otherwise I'm going to stop reading her, her latest stories haven't really got me like her first ones did.  Okay am rambling on, but Melissa's story reminded me of Karen Marie Moning's earlier work.  Except of course different authors and different styles.  I almost think this one is better because as I mentioned before Karen's work is getting blah. 

If you like contemporary novels with a dash of historical, this is a must to read.

Second Book is To Tempt a Scotsman by Victoria Dahl.

This one was good and I'm wondering if it's the author's first book because the price was only 3.99 but I paid 2.99 for it.  Got to love Meijer's discount prices.  Anyway it it was, it's a good start and if it wasn't, still a good book.

Our heroine is Lady Alexandra Huntington who after a scandal and a duel which leaves one man dead, has exiled her self to her brother's estate to live out her life.  In comes Collin Blackburn, the dead man's half brother to avenge the death and believes Alex, as she is called, knows the whereabouts of his brother's killer and will do anything to find him.  Or will he?

Both are instantly attracted to each other but he believes all the rumors about her and she is tired of being judge by it.  I like how she thinks, if a man can do it and not be censured by society why can't she?  So now how will she get Connor to come to her, not because of what she knows about his brother's murder, but because he wants her that much.

It's fun seeing how they get together, how they deal with her past, his secret, her secret and finding the man that killed his brother.  And for her first book this is pretty good.
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