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Best book I've read in awhile, okay since Deathly Hallows but that book wasn't a romance so it doesn't count here.

This book is by Stephenie Meyer and is soo good.  I decided to read about because of all the rave reviews about it and so I thought I might as well read it and my only thought is why didn't I read it sooner and why didn't anyone tell me and if they did, why didn't I listen?

Okay some spoilers here so don't read if you haven't read the book.

Isabella Swan for reasons of her own is moving in with her dad in a place called Forks Washington to live with her Dad, Charlie.  Here she is sure she will not find any happiness in a town where it rains all the time and is no sun unlike Phoenix Arizona.  She is given an old car and can not wear her fun sunny clothes but a parka and other clothes to keep the rain and cold out. 

Her first day is only semi when it comes to Biology class and she is seated next to Edward Cullen for some strange reason does not like her.  Only she can't seem to shake her fascination with him.  Then when he remarkably saves her from an car accident she begins to think there is something more to Edwin.  Then she hears about a mysterious race of people who are cold blooded that she thinks Edward might be one of them, a vampire.  But surely they don't exist.  So Bella goes to the source and begins to ask Edward about her theories.

What surprises her most is his candor in his answers and how she realizes she is finding herself in love with them.  He who is smart, incredibly good look and why would he even like her.  And then she begins to realize just how dangerous her life is by being with someone who craves her, for more then just her.

I love how Stephenie created such good tension without sex.  Man it was awesome, beyond awesome it was oh man oh man.  How I wish I could write like that.  I know she is targeting a younger audience but man the scenes are just more then I can describe.  It made me, well in gross terms, wet for wanting to be the object of such intense want.  Edward and how he looks at Bella, how hungry he is for her,  Man I want that in my life.  (Yeah I have a husband but with three kids and work and bills and life it's hard to have time to get that look or feelings all the time like it seems for Bella and Edward.)

So basically if you haven't read this book go and get it NOW!  What are you waiting for, leave now and go get it! NOW!  It's that good.  And when I get some money I'm going to buy all her books no matter the cost.

A solid 100 out of 10!
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