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ARC Review of Mine to Possess by Nalini Singh


Genre: Paranormal Romance
Grade: A

I’ve just finished reading Nalini Singh’s 4th novel in her Psy/Changeling Series entitled Mine to Possess, and all I could think of was, ‘So when is the next book coming out?!’

Mine to Possess is Clay’s book, one of the fiercest and most dangerous sentinels in the DarkRiver leopard clan. A ghost from Clay’s past comes forward to seek his help—Talin McKade, a girl whom he loved from the past but thought was already dead. Talin was working as a social worker, until a lot of the kids started disappearing and ended up dead.
Together, Clay and Talin must seek the killer before time runs out and at the same time reconcile with their past, or else risk losing not only their lives, but also each other all over again…

Nalini Singh continues to surprise me with each release of her novels. I’ve read several novels which are supposed to be part of a series, but carry the same plot with only different characters and different situations. Clearly that is not the case here. Nalini Singh is such a fresh voice and her Psy/Changeling series is the most original I’ve read so far.

Mine to Possess definitely does not disappoint. The plot is fast-paced, and I absolutely couldn’t put it down. Clay is the ultimate alpha male hero. To carry that much love and devotion for so many years to someone whom you thought was dead and suddenly comes back into your life… Wow.

At first, I didn’t like the heroine, Talin, all that much. I just couldn’t understand the reasons why she could have let Clay think she was dead after all he’d done for her and why she was wary of him in the first place. But as the story progressed, Talin’s behavior became more understandable, and she transitions from a scared mouse to a mate worthy of a leopard, the perfect match to Clay.

Mine to Possess has added a whole new other dimension to the world that Nalini Singh has created. It was interesting to see other clans aside from DarkRiver and the SnowDancers, and also more new elements about the Psy/Changeling world. It was really nice seeing all the other couples from the previous novels again. I’m just wondering when Lucas and Sascha are going to get their own cubs. *lol*

Although Mine to Possess is a great book, my favorite one will always be the first one, Slave to Sensation, since it makes the reader more emotionally involved with the story. Bottom line is that I’m anticipating good things to come for Nalini Singh’s Psy/Changeling series, and I can’t believe that I still have to wait until September to read her next book… Can I have another ARC, pretty please??? *lol*
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