I have been reading alot of Hannah Howell lately, her Hughland series is pretty good but I still prefer Scottish Highlanders to English Highlanders. So far my favorite from her has been Highland Angel. It is about a woman who escapes her abusive husband who has a fondness for little boys. She seeks out a knight to help her blacken her husbands name and bring him down.  
I was really good and I enjoyed reading it.

I have also read:

Highland Lover
Conquerer's Kiss
His Bonnie Bride 
and Highland Vampire
all by Hannah Howell

Sorry Im not that great on the reviews, but I do reccomend them all to you ladies.
I have just started Highland Savage tonight, I hope it's a good one.
Happy reading to you all. :)

ARC Review of Mine to Possess by Nalini Singh


Genre: Paranormal Romance
Grade: A

I’ve just finished reading Nalini Singh’s 4th novel in her Psy/Changeling Series entitled Mine to Possess, and all I could think of was, ‘So when is the next book coming out?!’

Mine to Possess is Clay’s book, one of the fiercest and most dangerous sentinels in the DarkRiver leopard clan. A ghost from Clay’s past comes forward to seek his help—Talin McKade, a girl whom he loved from the past but thought was already dead. Talin was working as a social worker, until a lot of the kids started disappearing and ended up dead.
Together, Clay and Talin must seek the killer before time runs out and at the same time reconcile with their past, or else risk losing not only their lives, but also each other all over again…

Nalini Singh continues to surprise me with each release of her novels. I’ve read several novels which are supposed to be part of a series, but carry the same plot with only different characters and different situations. Clearly that is not the case here. Nalini Singh is such a fresh voice and her Psy/Changeling series is the most original I’ve read so far.

Mine to Possess definitely does not disappoint. The plot is fast-paced, and I absolutely couldn’t put it down. Clay is the ultimate alpha male hero. To carry that much love and devotion for so many years to someone whom you thought was dead and suddenly comes back into your life… Wow.

At first, I didn’t like the heroine, Talin, all that much. I just couldn’t understand the reasons why she could have let Clay think she was dead after all he’d done for her and why she was wary of him in the first place. But as the story progressed, Talin’s behavior became more understandable, and she transitions from a scared mouse to a mate worthy of a leopard, the perfect match to Clay.

Mine to Possess has added a whole new other dimension to the world that Nalini Singh has created. It was interesting to see other clans aside from DarkRiver and the SnowDancers, and also more new elements about the Psy/Changeling world. It was really nice seeing all the other couples from the previous novels again. I’m just wondering when Lucas and Sascha are going to get their own cubs. *lol*

Although Mine to Possess is a great book, my favorite one will always be the first one, Slave to Sensation, since it makes the reader more emotionally involved with the story. Bottom line is that I’m anticipating good things to come for Nalini Singh’s Psy/Changeling series, and I can’t believe that I still have to wait until September to read her next book… Can I have another ARC, pretty please??? *lol*

Excerpt: Medicine, Horses, & Motherhood

I have permission from publisher Sunstone Press to distribute an excerpt from an unusual crossover novel by Texas surgeon Barbara Bergin. "Endings" mixes Bergin's own worlds of medicine, horses, and motherhood with a strong romantic core.

It's the story of Leslie Cohen, a 40-year-old doctor who perpetually takes temporary "locum tenens" assignments to stay on the move. While filling in for an orthopedist in Abilene, Texas, she meets a man who might make her quit running.

"Endings" is laced with loving descriptions of ranch and horse life, packed with fascinating accounts of medical procedures, and loaded with mystery surrounding Leslie's hidden history.

The excerpt is entitled "Reining" and is a detailed scene at a horse event that Leslie and her date attend. It shows off the author's background as a nationally ranked horsewoman.

You can read the excerpt at the following URL:
Green Tights


Best book I've read in awhile, okay since Deathly Hallows but that book wasn't a romance so it doesn't count here.

This book is by Stephenie Meyer and is soo good.  I decided to read about because of all the rave reviews about it and so I thought I might as well read it and my only thought is why didn't I read it sooner and why didn't anyone tell me and if they did, why didn't I listen?

Okay some spoilers here so don't read if you haven't read the book.

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Miss Bennet

A very Scotish Weekend

Okay let me start out with the best one.

Thirty Nights with a Highland Husband by Melissa Mayhue.  I got this one because a) it has a Scotsman in it and b) it involves time travel.  I really liked this book because the heroine, Caitlyn Coryell is a weak woman at the beginning, letting her icky fiance walk all over her, so the last straw is when he tell her it is her fault for his cheating.  I love how she gets back at, she puts on sexy underwear and gets drunk on Scotch.  It is then that our hero Duncan MacKiernan arrives pleading for her help to save his sister.

Throw in some Fae magic and this is a great story.  Especially when Cate realizes that she is the one to control her destiny and puts the plan into action to save her highland husband, his family and to defeat Connor's evil uncle and brother to live happily ever after.

I was quite sad when the story ended and now I need to go check out this author and see if she has anymore and if she will continue the story through Cate's brothers and Connor's sister.  I really hope so.

Another reason I bought this book besides the fact it had a Scotsman in it is because it reminded me of one of my favorite authors, well she needs to get her act together otherwise I'm going to stop reading her, her latest stories haven't really got me like her first ones did.  Okay am rambling on, but Melissa's story reminded me of Karen Marie Moning's earlier work.  Except of course different authors and different styles.  I almost think this one is better because as I mentioned before Karen's work is getting blah. 

If you like contemporary novels with a dash of historical, this is a must to read.

Second Book is To Tempt a Scotsman by Victoria Dahl.

This one was good and I'm wondering if it's the author's first book because the price was only 3.99 but I paid 2.99 for it.  Got to love Meijer's discount prices.  Anyway it it was, it's a good start and if it wasn't, still a good book.

Our heroine is Lady Alexandra Huntington who after a scandal and a duel which leaves one man dead, has exiled her self to her brother's estate to live out her life.  In comes Collin Blackburn, the dead man's half brother to avenge the death and believes Alex, as she is called, knows the whereabouts of his brother's killer and will do anything to find him.  Or will he?

Both are instantly attracted to each other but he believes all the rumors about her and she is tired of being judge by it.  I like how she thinks, if a man can do it and not be censured by society why can't she?  So now how will she get Connor to come to her, not because of what she knows about his brother's murder, but because he wants her that much.

It's fun seeing how they get together, how they deal with her past, his secret, her secret and finding the man that killed his brother.  And for her first book this is pretty good.
Dirty Dancing

The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever by Julia Quinn

Another amazing book by Julia Quinn, and how I adore her books.  Before I start reviewing this book I just want to say my two favorite of hers are Splendid and The Viscount Who Loved Me.  I love both the heroes in these books, sigh, some really romantic guys, okay Anthony did kick Kate in The Viscount Who Loved Me, but it was a good scene

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Green Tights

Just an update

I've been rereading a lot of books lately so I haven't really felt the urge to review.  And if I like a book enough to keep it, I'll reread it again and again.  Lately its been Sherrilyn Kenyon and Christiana Dodd, oh and Karen Marie Moning.  I did read a new one by Nora Roberts.  I like her and have a lot of books from when she wrote for Sillohuette, crap that isn't spelled right, let me look into it.  Hold on I love Google.  Of course it's wrong it's Silhouette.  Anyway I like those books by her.  Short sweet and no deep dark secrets, just fun fluff which I like.  Of course she is extremely popular and now writes more suspense style romance or more modern and well her sex scenes are less steamy and it's more about the story.  So i read her's when I want a story and not for sex. 

The one I read is Birthright and my friend went to Maryland and found a Nora Roberts store where all they sold is her books.  That's sorta cool.  I'd love to be an author who is so immensely popular that she can have her own bookstore.  Yeah cool.  Anyway my friend stopped by there and bought me the book mentioned above and guess what makes it cooler.  It's autographed.  Yeah! It's pretty awesome.

So the book is good, and the mystery, yeah I figured it out, but still it was a good story.  If you have a chance pick it up.  I'm sorta in a bummed mood so I don't feel quite like totally reviewing it. 

Now to watch my new favorite show called The Starter Wife.  I dvr it so I can watch it without kids and husbands.

Keep reading and let me know which ones are good because I'm always on the look out for new books and new authors.


Okay enough shouting, time to watch my show.
Duncan Blue Silk

More books with Scotsmen in it. Yay!

I've been reading quite a lot lately since it's one of the few things that doesn't hurt.  One of the best ones lately is Beware a Scots Revenge by Sabrina Jeffries.  One of my favorite things about this book is the inside cover art.  I giggled when I first saw it, and I still giggle when I look again or just think about it.  Check it out here!

I soo need to get a plaid and try it out.  He he he he.

Anyway this is the third book in Sabrina's School for Heiresses series.  I've read the other two but you don't need to read them before you read this book.  I liked this book because it

a) it has a Scotsman in it
b) he kidnaps our heroine
c) it has a very handsome, of course, Scotsman in it.

The heroine Venetia Campbell, okay don't really like her name, not even sure if I pronounced it correctly, is our heroine who desperately wants to go home to Scotland, only her father won't allow it because of his deep dark secret.  But when news reaches that the Scottish Scourge is dead, he allows her to go to Edinburgh but no further with her Aunt Maggie.  It is here she meets our hero Sir Lachlan Ross at a masquerade dressed up as Bonnie Prince Charlie and she as Flora MacDonald.  (Man I love the named Lachlan) .  They banter, they talk about wearing the plaid the old way, aye, the old way. :)

The plot is very good, even the old falling in love with her kidnapper, well truth be told she had always been in love with him.  Him confronting his past and her father's past, defeating said past so everyone can live happily ever after.

It has some very funny moments, some good scenes, and over all a good book.  Much better then the last one I read by Eloise James, she's hit or miss and her latest is a miss.

So this one is a very solid 9 out of 10.

Not Quite a Lady by Loretta Chase

First all, three more days to Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.  Yes I'm seeing it Thursday night. w00t!  I'm sooooooo excited, I can hardly contain myself.  I am practically giddy with delight at the thought of seeing Jack, my beloved Jack again............mmmmm.......jack........

Okay enough, well there can never be enough of Jack, but onto my last book I read is called Not Quite a Lady by Loretta Chase is incredibly sweet and awesome.  It was perfect, absolutely perfect in every way.  I can say nothing bad about it at all.  It did take me while to get into it but that was my problem, I kept trying to watch tv, read, knit and play my on line game so everything suffered.

Onto the book.  I loved the heroine, Lady Charlotte Hayword, has almost 300 ways Not To Get Married, for reasons that would ruin the book, she is also 27.  In come her parents who want her to get married.  She is 27 after all and not getting any younger so they host a house party and bring in eligible young men who she hasn't turned down in attempts to marry off their daughter.  And next door, a new neighbor has moved in to the dilapidated house, our hero, Darius Carsington who is a good for nothing philosopher who writes treaties on the mating rituals of mammals.

So does this book have the following
Do the main characters fight?  Yes.
Do they have chemistry? Yes.
Is there dastardly villian?  Yes but he's not all that bad, just thinks he is right and puts no one in mortal danger, almost likable.
Was there a good plot?  Yes.
Are there farm animals? Yes.
A cranky old Grandmother? Yes.
A happy ending that is awesome? Yes.

One of the reason I believe this book to be so good is the fact that everything worked well, from the father/daughter relationship to the heroine/hero's attraction and how well both are.  Everything was perfect, yes I know I'm saying that a lot but lately I've been kinda sorta disappointed in some of the books.  This one had some surprised, which are good and didn't strike me as contrived or "yeah sorta saw that ONE coming".

Over all, this book gets an 11 out of 10.  Definitely get this one and read it, it's awesome.