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Highlander in Her Bed

Highlander In Her Bed by Allie Mackay is just awesome.

Reason #1 why it is awesome
    Hunky Highlander
Reason #2
    See Above

You can't go wrong there.  It is a contempary novel where there heroine Mara McDougall inherits a castle, man is she lucky.  Because of this she buys a bed she saw in antique store, which just happens to be haunted by the sexy hunky Highlander which she dubbs the Hottie Scottie.  I'd go along with it.  He's yummy, okay the author makes him sound yummy.  The ghost is our hero, the hunky Sir Alexander Douglas who died trying to defeat a traitor, only to be blamed after his death for what the traitor did.  Oh and the bad guy steals his wife to be and his lovely bed.  So now Alexander is doomed to room the world trying to keep people out of his bed, especially the evil MacDougalls.  Uh Oh see a problem here.

So along comes Mara McDougall who just happens to be distantly related to the dastard who is behind his downfall.

The dilema is now will he fall in love with her, forget his grudge against her clan and somehow over his deadness so they can live happily ever after?  I love how she makes it all happen without facing an actual bad guy.  It rocks.  And how they get together is pretty cool and oh soo romantic.  He proves he loves her and I wanted to climb into this book and be the heroine.

When I read the epilogue, I was ugh, I want more.  Then I realized she has other book(s) and a new one coming out in November. ("I hate waiting.")  So yay!

I'd rate this a solid 10!

So pick it up at your local library or bookstore.  Heck I may go buy it since it was so good.  I borrowed it as to save money and look where that got me.
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