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Hello everyone, this community is for anyone who loves to read and especially romance novels. I've tried to find a place to discuss the ones I've read or a place to find new authors but I haven't found one yet, so I thought to myself "Why don't I create one" and so I did.

Now here are the rules:
Anyone can join and share their opinions on books they've read, ask about authors, discuss cover models and drooling is allowed, and whine about books taking tooo long to get publish, especially in a series. I hate waiting for book three or four to come out. When I finish book 1 I want book 2 to be ready to read.

See stuff like that.

What I don't want to see is anyone bashing someone's choice of romance, whether it be Christian or Historical, Regency or Contemporary, Erotic or Sweet. As far as I am concerned they are all right as long as boy gets girl in the end. And I really don't care how it happen as long as it happens.

So I hope others will join and find this community useful.